At a very young age I witnessed racism and discrimination. One time I was told I couldn’t play with a kid of another color because ” he was different.” I remember going home and begging to go back to the park. Ever since that day I vowed to spread the ideology that one should never associate a persons worth based on the color of their skin. As I got older I learned more and more about the horrific days of slavery and the brave individuals who fought during the civil rights movement. Even today I know people who are racist but deny the claims. When I hear someone throw  racial slander at a person solely based on the color of their skin I classify them as a racist. Some people will say, “I’m not racist, I have black friends.” Majority of people who are racist or discriminate against others will fail to admit their actions. I commend all of the people in the world, past and present, who are defending the rights of colored people. Celebrities who have such a big platform are able to spread their voice and make their case to unite the world. Back in 2008 when Obama was elected president I thought that the United States was taking one step closer to end racial barriers. I was so ecstatic  that people were giving him a chance to prove that he is worthy of being presidential. I mean after all he is a human being, aren’t we all. I also felt proud when the Black Lives Matter movement formed. Even though it become a major platform, a lot of people opposed it. Those people didn’t take time to fathom the meaning of the movement. I have heard claims that “black lives matter was claiming that only black lives mattter.” Of course I knew better than that. Black Lives Matter showcased that in the past and even at times today people of color weren’t treated equally. That’s all I want, it’s what “we” all want. No one should feel better than another invidual based on race, wealth, gender, or sexuality. This current year when Trump was elected president I felt as if the US was regressing. The whole world got to see hatred among the whole spectrum voiced loudly by a presidential candidate. All over the US we are seeing more racial attacks and discrimination ignite.  For the people protesting I commend them for their courageous acts. For the people who haven’t protested or joined a group that acknowledges that everyone is equal, I strongly suggest that you work together with the tools that are in place to end racial disparities.